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'The Mouse & The Monster' Season 1 DVD Collection, interactive designer, dvd author


Young Dubliners website 3.0, designer, html author

[Maintained through present day]


Chas Waltz 'Promotional DVD', editor, dvd author
Moris Tepper website 2.0, designer, html designer

[Maintained through present day]
Rob Laufer 'Promotional DVD', dvd author
Rob Laufer wesbite 2.0, html-compliance author


DJ Kilmore & Spivey present 'Black Gods of the Metropolis' CD and DVD, VJ, DVD author
Young Dubliners website 2.0, designer, html author


Stickman Entertainment 'Promotional DVD', designer, 3d animator


Young Dubliners 'Home Movies' DVD, producer, creator


Accordance Music 'Freestyle Player' web application, art director
Disney's Dinosaur Song Factory CDrom, art director
Incubus 'The Morning View Sessions' DVD, creative director, menu designer, easter egg decorator
MTV Campus Invasion 'Studio Jam' interactive travelling exhibit, art director


Babyface 'A Collection of Top Hits' DVD, creative director, menu designer
Disneyland 'Innoventions' interactive exhibit, art director
Incubus 'When Incubus Attacks, Volume 2' DVD, creative director, menu designer, animator, video editor, easter egg decorator
Joe Satriani 'Live in San Francisco' DVD, interactive director, menu designer


Club Aibo - Sony's official U.S. robot dog website, art director, animator
Hotz Interactive U-Play web application, artist, graphic design


Zazznet NGN Webcast Demo, asset wrangler, artist


Computer-assisted Classroom Learning website demos, artist
Disney's 'Pooh's Alphabet Treehouse' CDrom, element creation
Disney's 'Pooh's Garden of Numbers' CDrom, element creation
Disney's 'Toy Story Activity Center' CDrom, storyboard creation
Growing Good Roses CDrom, art director
Virgin Games Demo CDrom, art director


An Olympic Journey: The Story of Women in the Olympic Games CDrom foreign language conversions, artist
CDi Pavarotti and Mozart foreign language conversions, producer
Launch Magazine CDrom, artist, animator
Nestle's Butterfinger interactive ad, art director, animator
Trivial Pursuit for SegaCD, Macintosh and Windows, video cruncher, asset wrangler


CDi Groliers Encyclopedia, art director
CDi Sing Along Christmas, art director under duress
CDi The History of Flight, art slave
Launch Magazine CDrom prototype, art director
The Memory Palace 3DO Demo, artist, animator
Woodstock CDrom for Macintosh and Windows, video wrangler


CDi Bono's Beatbox for U2's ZooTV Outdoor Broadcast Tour, art director, animator
CDi Beatbox, art director
CDi Name That Tune, artist
CDi Surf City, video editor
CDi Toledo Waltz, producer, art director
CDi Welcome to ZooTV for U2's ZooTV Outdoor Broadcast Tour, art director, animator
CDi ZooTV demo disc, co-designer, art directo


CDi Billboard Magazine Interactive demo disc, co-designer, art director, segment producer
CDi Full-Motion Sampler demo disc, designer, art director
CDi James Brown Non-Stop Hit Machine, art director
CDi Jazz Jukebox, artist
CDi Mozart: A Musical Biography, asset wrangler, artist


CDi Classical Jukebox, asset wrangler, artist
CDi Cool Oldies Jukebox, asset wrangler, artist
CDi Golden Oldies Jukebox, asset wrangler
CDi Luciano Pavarotti: O Sole Mio, asset wrangler
CDi Louis Armstrong: An American Songbook, art director